We are now looking for on-call fostering families for family on-call support in the city of Darmstadt.

As part of an on-call care, children between the ages of 0 to 6 who cannot stay in their family due to an acute crisis are given a temporary home.

Children only stay in the on-call care families until further prospects have been clarified. During this time, the special service works intensively with the family of origin in cooperation with the children’s service office to develop common ways out of the crisis for the benefit of the child.

During this time, the on-call care families offer the children a place in their family, security, protection, care, stable and predictable structures as well as emotional care. They are advised, accompanied, and supported intensively by the employees of the special services.

> This includes
  • temporary admission of children in need between the ages 0 to 6
  • giving the child a home in your family for a limited period
  • the understanding that the well-being and needs of the child for the time of clarification are the focus and that their previous relationships and ties are respected
> We offer
  • continuous support, advice, training, and further education
  • a corresponding remuneration based on the current care allowance tables, an education contribution, a subsidy or private old-age provision and the reimbursement of costs for necessary purchases for the child
  • a professional team that is your regular and reliable partner
  • a meaningful, fulfilling task
> Who can become a foster family?
  • families, couples (same sex as well) and civil partnerships with or without child, also with migration background
  • single parents with appropriate network


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