Further development of Pestalozzi Elementary school in Fulda

Client: Pestalozzi school Fulda, special school

Duration: August 2017 until February 2018

In multiple workshops the elementary school team and organization developer Günther Koch processed basic structural topics in their work context.

Commentary from Markus Pötz, principal of Pestalozzi school:

“Working with Mr. Koch was a constructive process in which we worked with contents that were set up from the group itself. Mr. Koch managed to act flexible about these contents and mediated different ways of working them out along the way.”

Organizational advice of foundation “Waisenhaus Frankfurt”

Client: Foundation “Waisenhaus Frankfurt”

Duration: September 2016 until December 2016

The “Waisenhaus Frankfurt” foundation operates various residential and day care youth services offers in Frankfurt/M. and is active in the field of outpatient support.

An advisory order of organizational questions related to a facility was taking place from September until December 2016.

Commentary of Peter Gerdon, foundation director of “Waisenhaus Frankfurt”:

“We were very satisfied with the consultation of the “PETRA” planning company and will recommend them.”


Organizational analysis and staff measurement in child and youth services department of district “Uckermark”

Client: “Uckermark” district

Duration: October 2014 until November 2015

The structural conditions of child and youth services were analysed in a first step. In addition to the evaluation of internal materials and interviews this took place in form of workshops with all practitioners of child and youth services. Staff measurement of ASD was carried out in a second step. Relevant core- and sub-processes of child and youth services were characterized und essential temporal resources needed therefore, noted. The necessary requirement of practitioners was established by a calculation model that allows an independent calculation by the organisation.

After presenting the results to the head of administration and children’s services trust a professionally solid and comprehensible decision with a noticeable job expansion could be accomplished.

Evaluation study innovation potential and utilization of a youth services agency with various locations in Brandenburg

Client: GFB (Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft zur Förderung Brandenburger Kinder und Jugendlicher mbH), Potsdam

Duration: January until June 2015

GFB offers residential and outpatient services in youth services in seven locations in the federal state of Brandenburg, with about 300 employees. We prepared an expert opinion on behalf of the supervisory board, pointing out development prospects for a youth services agency. An analysis was made based on new offers of the agency, based on the innovative potential available in the organization and the possibilities of working more innovative. About utilization and occupancy development federal- and state-statistics were analysed and interviews with occupying children’s services departments and employees of facilities on site were held. According to the client the expert opinion shows a detailed and equitable picture of the organisation and many starting points for further development as well.

Commentary of Norbert Lekow, managing director GFB:

“Mr. Koch successfully managed to structure the survey and the employees of GFB were given the chance to constructively take part in the process. His reliability contributed to this as well. The agency received important impulses for their further work, especially the organization of the support development”.

Organizational advice JHZ – youth services centre Munich

Client: Children’s services department, Munich

Duration: September 2012 – December 2012 and September 2014 – December 2016

The organizational advice is based on extensive analysis of basic questions, personnel structure, control of technical discourse and everyday educational process flow of the group as well as the interfaces.

The result is based on the study of files, interviews with professionals, managers and adolescents, participant observation of everyday group life night and day, from team meetings regional professional team and conversations with the social civic centres.

Based on the final report the social department / city children’s services department decided, to change the operator of the facility into free sponsorship.

Subsequently “PETRA” planning company was commissioned, to accompany the restart of the facility with their expertise in the declaration-of-interest process.

After the successful redesigning of structural requirements and revision of the service modules the new non-statutory agency received a double order to advice and review the restart and to implement the negotiated description of services.

Evaluation of a youth services centre in Belgium

Client: ÖSHZ Eupen, Belgium

Duration: October 2012 – July 2013

Aim of the evaluation study was to record the functionality of the current performance structure. Apart from the analysis of documents and observation of team meetings two forms of questioning of the participants came to use, guide-based interviews as an introduction to the topic and an online survey. The results were discussed with the various management teams and the professionals of the facility. The effects remain various impulses, that are followed up by the facility.

Subsequently we are entrusted with consulting services for the youth service centre. We currently support the introduction of a (self-)evaluation concept.

Commentary from Josiane Schröder, deputy director of MOSAIK-Centre, Eupen:

“The cooperation with Günther Koch was and is still distinguished by him accompanying us in the realization of these new projects with his knowledge and experience. On the other hand, he was able to give us the input needed, when we asked for it, to put the development of quality management with the total personnel team on a solid basis. We currently started the elaboration of the intern evaluation and are hoping to carry out and close this chapter in the same form, we did the previous projects.”

Implementation of Federal Child Protection Act. Building and expansion of network “early intervention” in “Uckermark”

Client: “Uckermark” district

Duration: October 2012 until today

The planning organization accompanies and advices the children’s services department building and expanding the network “early intervention” in “Uckermark”. With our support a concept implementing § 3KKG was created, a control group in the children’s service department was established and regional family centres were created.

Current focus is on embedding the family centres in considerations on social space work of the children’s service department.

Advisory task is-analysis for implementation of performance agreements of the youth services agency with various locations in Sachsen-Anhalt and Thüringen

Client: “H.A.U.S. 27” Wettelrode/Sachsen-Anhalt. Private carrier of child and youth services

Duration: April 2007 until April 2008

“H.A.U.S. 27” offers residential and outpatient support in four locations in Sachsen-Anhalt und Thüringen in children’s and youth services. On behalf of the managing director an actual status analysis was carried out on behalf of performance agreements under the aspects of the implementation of the performance. The scope of advice included components of controlling and the analysis of management and team structure, leadership, every day and routine structures, quality, full utilization, concept development and documentation. Farther financial controlling was introduced to separate service fields. During consultation new complementary service areas were designed, negotiated with the statutory agency, and disclosed.

A positive balance was drawn in the evaluation of the advisory assignment with the managing director. The managing director reported very positive effects after implementing the results of the consultation for the entire company.

Further development of the care planning process and determination of human resources in social services

Client: District of Fulda

Duration: June 2005 – January 2007

Initially care planning was described and the standards were allocated to expenses in cooperation with social services employees. In the next step  necessary personnel resources were determined to meet quality standards and actual case numbers. In a third step the personnel resources were distributed over three regions. Distribution as need based as possible took place on defined criteria.

Participative care planning

Client: Thüringer Ministry for social affairs, family and health

Duration: 2001-2004

In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Matthias Schwabe the children’s service department of the district of Gotha developed a care planning procedure, enabling participation of children, adolescents und parents.

Advice and construction of children’s services structures in the new federal states (Germany)

Client: Federal Ministry for women and youth

Duration: 1992-1995

The project’s goal was to support construction of children’s services departments and providers of educational support on five different locations. Consulting partner on site were professionals of facilities and services including management staff and the political level. The diverse methodical approaches and the anchoring on political and professional level on site lead to successful projects and further development of regional youth services practice.

In subsequent state- and national conferences we reported our experiences and made suggestions for further development of youth services.