To see more. To understand more. Expertise and diagnostics.

Projekt PETRA carries out psychological reports and diagnostics.

We are commissioned by youth welfare departments and courts, mainly from the Rhein-Main area and central Hessen.

Experienced experts (certified psychologists and psychological psychotherapists) are therefore available. They possess professional reasoning and pedagogical   and therapeutical experience gained through their everyday work with children, adolescents and their families.

The psychological reports examine the connections and causes to clarify the indication for educational und therapeutical aids, clarify questions about the risk to the well-being of the child and about rights of access and custody.

To this end, systematic exploratory and anamnestic discussions are held with family members and previously involved helpers.

Further important components of a clear and differentiated diagnosis are psychological test procedures and behavioural observations in the social environment.

A detailed feedback discussion with the family usually takes place before an expert opinion is prepared. Results, hypothesis, and possible help are discussed.

All reports contain detailed solutions and guidelines with goals and ways of providing educational psychological support.