Expert advice and support. The day nurseries / kindergarten.

Technical management of the municipal day-care centres for children in the city of Schlüchtern und the municipality of Sinntal.

“Projekt PETRA” has been advising and supporting the city of Schlüchtern since 2009 and the municipality of Sinntal since 2011 in the technical management of the municipal day-care facilities in accordance to the relevant provisions and legal provisions of the federal law on the education, upbringing and care of children in child-bearing facilities (HKJGB) of December 18, 2006 (GVBI. I S. 698) and the Child and Youth Services Act (SGB VIII) of June 26, 1990 (GVB S. 1163) in the currently valid version.

The staffing for the technical management should lead to an overall increase in the quality of care offers in the municipal day-care facilities.

The previous offers of these facilities are to be more closely networked and made available in a more flexible way that is geared towards the interests of the parents.

The further expansion of childcare offers for children under 3 years of age is also being sought.

The service contents of this cooperation are:

  • participation in service and technical supervision
  • ensuring the duty of care and supervision
  • professional advice, training, and qualification of employees
  • implementation of the facility concepts for the Hessian education and upbringing plan and corresponding professional development
  • integration of new, technical-methodical standards in the facilities as well as quality development and quality assurance in day-to-day care.