Foster families in full time foster care

In full time foster care, children and adolescents are accommodated in a familiar setting.

Full time foster care includes care, education, and support “around the clock”.

As a foster family you enjoy the protection of family autonomy and at the same act “on behalf of the public”.

It is the link between private education and public interest.

> This includes
  • opening one’s own family, giving children and adolescents who can no longer live in their family of origin a long-term home
  • the willingness to give these children and adolescents the special support they often need in their development
  • acceptance and appreciation of the child’s special life paths, recognition of their biography and openness with all these involved: parents of origin, child’s welfare service, legal guardian, specialist service, doctors, and institutions.
> We offer
  • intensive preparation and training for the tasks as foster parents
  • accompanying advice and support during the entire time
  • regular trainings, further education and meeting of foster
  • reflection talks
  • help in crisis situations
  • support in contact with the family of origin
> Who can become a full-time foster family?
  • families, couples (same sex as well) and civil partnerships with or without child, also with migration background
  • single parents with appropriate network
  • one of the caregivers in the caring family should preferably have a pedagogical or comparable qualification or a corresponding amount of experience in this area

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