Best opportunities every day. The PETRA day groups.

When parents reach their limits, the PETRA day groups offer professional educational support.

They were designed for children and adolescents between 6 and 16 years of age, having severe problems in their family, in school and in their social environment.

This includes disruptions in development, communication and interaction, emotions, and motor skills.

Children and adolescents are intensively looked after by a team of childcare workers, social pedagogues, and teachers in day care service.

The facility offers a structured daily routine with joint meals up to 5 days a week, homework assistance, etc. The structured day is basis for diverse interactions and social learning. This of course also includes leisure activities, sports and games.

We work with the concept of “SILENTIUM” to promote academic performance.

“SILENTIUM” is an innovative educational arrangement, that enables particularly effective learning. The offer is supplemented by regular parenting work.