On-call foster family

In the on-call foster family, you give children a place in your family, security, and emotional care for a certain period!

You take children into your family who need a temporary home due to a crisis or an emergency.

Through stable, reliable, and predictable structures in your family you give these children security and support.

Children only stay with you until further perspectives have been clarified.

> This includes
  • the admission of children in need up to the age of 12 years
  • to give the child a home in your family until further perspective has been clarified
  • the understanding, that the well-being and needs of the child for the time of clarification of perspectives are the focus and that his (or her) previous relationships are respected
> We offer
  • intensive preparation of your tasks
  • accompanying advice and support during the entire stay
  • regular training and education
  • parent evenings / parents’ meetings
  • reflection talks
  • help in crisis
  • support conferences
  • clarification of perspective for the child
  • support in contact with the family of origin
> Who can become on-call foster family?
  • families, couples (also same sex) and partnerships with or without child, also with a migration background
  • single parents with an appropriate network

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