"Acting and experiencing are as important as discussion in pedagogy."

PD Dr. Peter Büttner

Perspectives for children, adolescents, and their families. Practical supports.

Practical support is the basis and motivating force of “Projekt PETRA”.

We commit ourselves, striving optimal help for every child and family in our responsibility.

We are taking care of young people from kindergarten age to young adult status. Therefore we are offering all kinds of pedagogical / therapeutical departments, adapted to the individual needs of our clients.

The spectrum of problems and disorders is

extensive and includes especially difficult tasks.

If possible, ambulatory diagnosis and assessment is clarified in advance to determine if and which goals seem useful. We pay attention to strengths and protective factors of children and families and try to challenge and encourage them.

Our methodical orientation is basically committed to an empirical approach. Our guidelines are goal orientation and verifiability. But we also know: without building an appropriate level of relationship with children, adolescents and their families the methods only work insufficiently or not at all. Therefore, applies to us: Relationship comes before education and therapy.

The school area (learning support, support for schools, school accompaniment) is another important main focus of our work.

Aim is to stabilize the achieved successes in a special aftercare. We evaluate in many catamnesis reviews whether and to what extent the successes achieved are sustainable as a follow up to the support provided.


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