The following references represent an exemplary selection of our scientific work:

> Advanced training and certificate courses for child protection duties in risk to a child’s welfare

Dr. Peter Büttner, Jörg Fertsch-Röver and Karin Nievelstein have been running special and needs-based advanced trainings on child protection for public and independent agencies in youth services since 2007. For example, five certificate courses for the city of Frankfurt and basic courses and workshops for the city education office Frankfurt were carried out. On behalf of the ministry of social affairs, family and health (state children’s department) of Thüringen we designed introductory events for 17 children’s services departments and in-depth workshops.

We arranged basic trainings, symposiums and workshops as in-house events for children’s service departments, day nurseries and advice services in Hessen and Thüringen. From 2007 up until today research group “PETRA” trained more than 2000 professionals on the topic of risk to a child’s welfare. For our seminars we cooperate with renowned specialist speakers especially form the fields of law and forensic medicine. All events are evaluated by us and results are made available to our clients. Contact person: Karin Nievelstein, Petra Hofmann.

> Cooperation with birth family in “SOS Kinderdörfern”

Client: “SOS Kinderdörfer Deutschland e. V.“

Duration: 2002 – 2007

The research project was part of a research association titled:

Socially integrate disadvantaged children.

In the research association, socio-educational institute of “SOS Kinderdörfer e. V.” (SPI, Reinhard Rudeck and Dr. Wolfgang Sierwald), University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg (Mrs. Prof. Dr. Simone Kreher) and planning group „PETRA“ (Günther Koch and Rolf Lambach) worked together. The aim of planning group “PETRA” was to work out the possibilities and ways of cooperation between birth family of children and adolescents in “SOS Kinderdorffamilien” and their acceptance and probation form the point of view of those involved.

As prospective follow-up study it referred to children and adolescents that were taken into “SOS Kinderdorffamilien” nationwide between April 2002 and October 2003. Research took place in 10 “SOS Kinderdorffamilien” based on 19 birth parents and their 38 detained children and adolescents. Contact person: Günther Koch.


> Accompanying research of news models of family-oriented support

Client: Federal ministry for family affairs. Federal ministry for labor, social affairs, family und health Rheinland-Pfalz.

Duration: 1996 -1999

Günther Koch and Rolf Lambach evaluated two focal points as part of this research:

Crisis intervention programmes and integrative family service.

  • Crisis intervention programmes
    A total of four projects were examined, which were characterized by the relatively short-termed and intensive help being provided for families – for example FamilyActivationManagement (FAM) of hospital St. Wendel.
  • Integrated family service
    Designed for a slightly longer period of time (about 6 months) with the conceptual focus on supporting parents, i. a. by giving stationary offers of help to the whole family, which was the project of integrated family help of Caritas youth welfare facility Margaretenstift Saarbrücken.

The research accompanied development and start-up phase of the projects and provided results for both implementation and results of the support services. Ansprechpartner: Günther Koch

> Professional fostering placement in Hessen

Client: Federal ministry for women and youth, “Landeswohlfahrtsverband Hessen”

Duration: 1991 – 1994

Holger Thurau and Uwe Völker looked into performance options of professional fostering placements using the example Hessen. In addition to an intensive examination in selected fostering placements for performance analysis, the point of view of the professionals involved and former children of fostering placements were observed through expert rounds and written questionnaires. The study delivers statements about professionalism of educational agencies and context conditions, that can carry this support to a family setting. Ansprechpartner: Holger Thurau


> Continuance, development and performance options of group day care

Client: Federal ministry for women and youth

Duration: 1987 – 1990

This research work comprises a representative overall survey in Germany and an intensive study in selected day care groups. It provides empirically based statements on the relationship between basic conceptual orientation and the performance of day care groups.

> Analysis of fields of activity in residential care

Client: Federal ministry for women and youth

Duration: 1982 – 1987

The study presented in 1987 is – through an elaborate methodical design - looking for an answer to the question: What do residential care units do for the children who grow up there? The main focus is on the process-oriented observation and a functional analysis of: What are the consequences of the solutions found in the homes for the selected problems? The study was extensively received after being published and is considered a standard work in the research of residential care. It also provided material for follow-up examinations and generated practical knowledge for basic- and advanced training and continuing education. It also established the research tradition of “Projekt PETRA”.