Room for new clarity. The taking into custody Darmstadt.

The taking into custody of “Projekt PETRA” provides short-term accommodation for the city of Darmstadt and supports children and adolescents in finding a way out of crisis.

The taking into custody Darmstadt offers a protected space in which dangers are averted, care is secured, and the situation is clarified.

During the stay, the aim is to find needs-based further help for the young person and his or her family as soon as possible. To this end, a “clearing agency” is currently assigned to the taking into custody in Darmstadt, which implements this mandate.

The institution of taking into custody offers a structured daily routine with binding rules and common rituals for an appropriate coexistence.

Pedagogical support takes place around the clock. Double staffing at central times of the day allows to attend external appointments or to communicate individually with children and adolescents. Suitable leisure activities as well as advice that helps young people to gain clarity for their perspective are integrated . In order to provide comprehensive help to children and adolescents we cooperate with schools, doctors and the police while they are being taken into custody.