The best solution in the worst case. The sibling house.

Over 861.000 families with 3 or more underage siblings live in Germany. In cases of taking into custody it is common practice, to separate rows of siblings. Children often lose an important reference person in brother or sister. We want to change that.

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The sibling house “PETRA” in Darmstadt is the first nationwide facility for taking into custody where siblings are housed together. The sibling house is set up nationwide and offers space for sibling rows from 3 children and more aged 0 to 17 years.

The house, which was specially planned and built for this purpose, has 10 care places.

Its architecture, equipment and atmosphere convey warmth, appreciation, and security. Siblings can be looked after in small, protected areas.

Siblings of up to 10 children max. are accepted. There are no guidelines for age and gender.