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Managing director PD Dr. Peter Büttner is also Professor at the University of Gießen.

Within the framework of the cooperation with the University of Gießen he gives lectures about “Introduction of children and youth services for psychologists” and case seminars in the context of diagnosis and therapy in youth services settings. Dr. Büttner also accompanies students during the preparation for bachelor and master thesis.

Students are taught the structural, legal and conceptual basics of youth services in lectures. The focus is on the special role of psychologists in an otherwise socio-educational area.

In case seminars, the socio-educational and psychological help concepts are worked out on the basis of case histories in different settings of youth services.

Other joint working levels have also been set up in the department of psychology under the direction of Prof. Dr. Christina Schwenck.

Before transferring to the University of Gießen Dr. Peter Büttner worked as lecturer at the University of Bremen from 2005 – 2011 and continued his work as Professor from 2012 – 2018.

As part of the “Zentrum für klinische Psychologie und Rehabilitation (ZKPR)“he was involved in training psychology master students. As part of the private lecturing master’s thesis and doctorates were also accompanied. In addition, doctoral grants were financed by “Projekt PETRA”.

A long-term cooperation existed with Dr. Franz Petermann, director of “Zentrum für klinische Psychologie und Rehabilitation” at the University of Bremen ( +01.08.2019). We had a close personal bond and professional relationship as part of our research projects since 1982. We owe him valuable enrichment of our methodical competence.