A family history.

The residential institution “Kinderheim Haus PETRA” was founded in 1966 by Maria Büttner-Trost in Freiensteinau and directed by her until 1976.

She lived among the children. Base of her work was the “heart” and a direct natural connection towards the children and adolescents. Her experiences and her attitude were the “starting capital” and shaping for the development of the concepts of the subsequent years.

In 1976 her son Peter Büttner took over the institution and developed it into today’s “Projekt PETRA” in Schlüchtern/Ahlersbach.

In all the years – from 1976 until her death in 2009 - Maria Büttner-Trost lived in the residential institution “Kinderheim Haus PETRA”, being the “secret” emotional centre and lived her “grandmother role” until the end.

Sarah Goldbach, born Büttner, entered the “Projekt” in 2011, representing the third generation in the management level.

The power of tradition and innovation.

We have been working for decades with proven concepts to implement optimal help for children, adolescents, and their families.

Concurrently staying in flow ensuring new solutions and innovative models through constant evaluation and modification.

Our acting is supported by attitudes, that are timeless:

Responsibility, concern for the child’s well-being and integrity.