Activate and use potential. PAN (Potentiale aktivieren und nutzen / activating and using potentials).

PAN is a youth services offer, aimed at children and adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18, young adults and their families, and its intensity is individually tailored to the individual case.

The concept of the assistance is shaped by the basic idea of activating existing resources. Goals stated by the young people are systemically worked on and individual support measures are planned, initiated, and carried out with them. School and professional perspectives are an important part of this.

Family environment is especially important for the successful course of the aid. For this reason, advisory meetings take place in an individual rhythm that is geared to the problem at hand. If necessary, these are conducted with the parents as well as the entire family and other stakeholders. Main goal is to improve communication within the family.

PAN was developed for children and adolescents who do not accept highly structured offers or more difficult measure and work well enough, the help can be terminated prematurely if the PAN department offers more flexible and individualized help.