Making students strong – the aim of the school for the mentally ill children

“Projekt PETRA” has been working very closely and successfully with schools in various fields of child and youth welfare for many years. We have experience with school administrators, class, and subject teachers for children and adolescents, whose educational assistance is chosen in accordance with SGB VIII (German social code VIII).

In addition, we are cooperation partner of Martin-Luther-Schule at the competence centre Petersberg. This offer is aimed at schoolchildren from the district or urban area of Fulda with special support needs, for example after a stay in child- and adolescent-psychiatry or in similar facilities, who currently cannot be taught at a public school due to their particular problem. Aim is to encourage them individually and intensively to enable them to receive appropriate training and, if necessary, to successfully integrate them into a regular school.

Martin-Luther-Schule at the competence centre Petersberg is a branch of Martin-Luther-Schule in Busek, a state approved replacement school for the mentally ill with the courses of education for elementary, secondary and junior high school and the special focus on learning.


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