Professional advice and support. Day care for children.

The cooperation between the city of Schlüchtern, the municipality of Sinntal and “Projekt PETRA” is intended to serve as a flexible care offer to expand, promote and improve the quality of child day care.

Child day care is a legally recognized, family-like form of care in a family environment, in which the needs of the individual children can be taken into account individually.

In terms of quality requirements and legal standards, it is comparable to care in kindergarten.

The aim is to establish a comprehensive, locally networked, high-quality day-care offer for childcare primarily for children under 3 years of age in addition to day-care centres. The basis for this is professionally qualified support and advice for day-care-parents.

Based on a contract “Projekt PETRA” offers the staffing of professional management of the daily aid project.

The content structure includes the following services:

  • professional advice for day care workers and parents
  • mediation activity
  • accompanying of day care relationships in everyday and conflict situations
  • PR work
  • Cooperation with other specialist departments.

The profile of the child day care project “Schatztruhe”

Child day care offers parents a good and flexible alternative to day care centres close to their home. Care takes place individually in the own family or in the household of the childminder. Marginal care times before and after attending a day-care centre are also possible.

With its manageable, family-like framework, it particularly accommodates the developmental stage of children under the age of three and enables individual support from a constant reference person.

The project is managed und coordinated by Katja Stange, a qualified social worker, who advises the childminders and parents and coordinates the placement in tailor-made care.

Project “Schatztruhe” offers, among other things, the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with colleagues on a regular basis. This is supported in form of group evenings, joint training courses and events with children. In addition, the entrusted children can gather their first small- and play group experiences in a protected, manageable setting.

Responsible task. “Your darling in good hands”

For a good reason that the childminders chose this motto. The wellbeing of the child is always the focus of their work.

Childminders are important caregivers for the children fulfilling their task with a lot of heart and commitment. In addition to looking after children, they support them in their development and encourage them individually.

Professional types

The childminders who are available for placement have a valid care permit from the Main-Kinzig-district, which includes, among other things, proof of the first aid course, lessons in infection protection and a home visit from the MKK adviser. The childminders regularly attend advanced training and monthly group evenings led by the project management.

Becoming a child day care worker

Day-care for children offers a good professional alternative to look after your own children and be able to offer professional care.

The tasks of childminders are exciting and varied.

To work in childcare requires independence and responsibility. They can organize their everyday life individually, diversely and based on the needs of the children and their parents. In addition to being important key partners for the children they are also important cooperation and educational partners for their parents.

Childminders receive support and collegial advice through networking and the child care project “Schatztruhe”, through the technical management of “Projekt PETRA” and the childcare department of the Main-Kinzig-distritct.

The qualification as child day care worker takes place at the Main-Kinzig-district in Gelnhausen and, following the revision of the qualification concept, offers connectivity to other educational fields of activity.


  • has fun working with kids,
  • is interested in educational partnerships
  • has a willingness to take responsibility
  • is physically and mentally resilient
  • has at least a secondary school diploma
  • is ready to qualify,


is welcome to get more information from the project management, Katja Stange, phone 06661 – 96 27 21.

Searching for Childcare places

Early contact with the project management (phone 06661 – 96 27 21) is recommendable, so there is enough time to find a suitable childminder and to allow the child to settle in.

Care costs

Since 01.01.2009 the statutes of the Main-Kinzig-district on participation in child day care, the collection of cost contributions and the granting of regular cash benefits came into effect. Among other things the statutes regulate the amount of the parental contributions depending on the chosen care package.

Private care contracts can also be concluded.

Receive detailed information and referral to a childminder through the project management Mrs. Stange, phone 06661 – 96 27 21 or