Social pedagogical care families or professional fostering placement

A social pedagogical care family or professional fostering placement provide the framework for individual upbringing in the home environment for children who can no longer live in their family of origin in the medium or long term.

For these children, who often need special support in their development, a protected and resilient place to live should be created in a family.

Preferably, one of the parents of the care family/fostering placement has a pedagogical qualification to meet the needs of the children on a professional level. However, it is also possible to work as a fostering placement with comparable qualifications or experience in connection with our training continuous close support.

> This contains
  • opening one’s own family, to give children and adolescents, who can no longer live in their original family a home, the medium or long term
  • the willingness to give these children and adolescents the special support they often need in their development
  • acceptance and appreciation of the child’s special life path, recognition of their biography and, if necessary, cooperation with the family of origin
> We offer
  • continuous support, advice, training, and further education
  • a corresponding remuneration based on the current care allowance tables, an education contribution, a subsidy for private old-age provision and the assumption of costs for necessary purchase for the child
  • a professional team that is regular and reliable partner to you
  • a meaningful, fulfilling task
> Who can become fostering placement?
  • families, couples (also same sex) and partnerships with or without child, also with a migration background
  • single parents with an appropriate network
  • one of the caregivers in the care family should preferably have an educational qualification or a comparable qualification or a corresponding amount of experience in this area


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