Junior-Project and coaching. A cooperation between elementary school and “Projekt PETRA”.

Im Rahmen des ganzheitlichen Betreuungsangebotes bietet Projekt PETRA für die Bergwinkel-Grundschule in Schlüchtern Leistungen an.

As part of the holistic care offer, “Projekt PETRA” provides services to “Bergwinkel-elementary school”.

Services for school children:

  • Social learning in groups – acquisition of social and emotional skills
  • Help in conflict resolution and dispute settlement in school and at home
  • Support and tips for bullying or fear of performance and failure.

Advice for parents and guardians:

  • Individual advice on the subject school and family
  • Referral to extracurricular assistance, if necessary.

Advice for teachers:

  • Clarification of socio-educational issues
  • Backing in current problem situations with students
  • Support in discussions with parents.

The implementation of this project is carried out on behalf of the school management and in cooperation with school.

School opportunities and resources of the children should be promoted and put to use as best as possible. This is where the teaching staff, social work and the pedagogical professionals of junior club “PETRA” work closely together.