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Currently the research group PETRA has the following areas of responsibility:

Child protection

A broken leg is detected by x-ray, a broken child’s soul is not!

Children that are taken into custody often are highly distressed and traumatized. Research group PETRA is working on concepts to identify and care for these burdens within this framework of children being taken into custody.

To overcome language barriers and to avoid unwanted traumatization, research group PETRA develops speech-free survey methods to registrate distress of refugee children.

Hundreds of thousands of minor children are affected by divorce/separation of their parents. Conflicts between parents, family court dispute, but also lack of consultation concepts for quarrelling separating parents can lead to mental illnesses in affected children.


Practice development, quality assurance, catamnesis

The interdisciplinary applied projects of research group PETRA focus i. a. the efficiency of sustainability of ambulant care and day care as well as stationary residential support in upbringing. Evaluation strengthens profession!

Research study

To increase child protection and as contribution to the question of risk to a child ‘s welfare research group PETRA is currently conducting studies:

  • Child welfare and right of contact
  • Taking into custody of children and adolescents


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